All data * from IOSIN EMSO - EUXINUS, Romania's contribution within EMSO ERIC and part of the contribution to POS ERIC, are made available to domestic and international users through the interface of the IOSIN EMSO - EUXINUS portal.


Access to the IOSIN EMSO - EUXINUS infrastructure is based on a request or an inter-institutional collaboration protocol, which states the purpose of the use and is necessary for the quantification of users.


The request from the educational institution / research institute (with the letterhead of the accredited educational institution / research institute) must include:

- The title of the scientific research project / the title of the doctoral thesis;


- Description of the doctoral project / thesis (objective, some details on the methodology to be applied, variables to be used, what type of analysis is planned to be carried out on the data and a brief description of the expected results);


- The name of the statistical survey for which you request access to data;


- The period for which you request the data.


The Interinstitutional Partnership Agreement shall include:


- Short description of the user with the specifics of the activity objective;


- The objectives of the collaboration, with a detailed description of the activities;


- Common obligations of the partners, with a detailed description of the activities;


- Final provisions specific to each partner.


The same procedures as above apply to research institutions, universities, research departments, international research organizations and national and local authorities.


Accessing information from the IOSIN EMSO - EUXINUS framework, can be done remotely to the database, using a secure virtual private network (VPN), with a username and password dedicated to each user, issued by the IOSIN manager. The user will be trained by the specialized staff of IOSIN EMSO - EUXINUS, regarding the access of the databases and will also receive supporting documents to facilitate the access.


To facilitate access to IOSIN EMSO - EUXINUS, each party will need to nominate a contact person who will need IT skills. Requests for access to the IOSIN EMSO - EUXINUS infrastructure are sent by email to: or